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paean_sf's Journal

Age statement: I am old enough to read adult material in any municipality.

I post primarily at paean.dreamwidth.com, and use paean_sf.insanejournal.com only for commenting.

About me: I live in the Northeastern US, I'm well educated, and work on the fringes of academia. I try to keep my RL and online existences separate. I often post from my mobile, which I use as an excuse for my terse language and occasional "corrected" words. I mostly friend persons so I am aware of new posts, and unless you flock your stories, I won't be disappointed in you don't friend me back. I understand the desire for some semblance of privacy in this increasingly public world.

I'm a good editor for details, and on months that are less busy, I'm happy to beta if asked. I don't squick easily.

Wood type: apple
Length: 13 inches
Core: Kelpie Hair

get your own wand!